Editorial Board Member

Pietro Salvatore Carollo, Ph.D

Topic Editor


Specialization: Cell biology/nuclear envelope/cystic fibrosis

Address: University of Palermo, Italy.



During my PhD at Institut Jacques Monod, Paris (France) I focused my research on the mechanobiology of the Nuclear Envelope, particularly addressing the role of the LINC (Linker of Nucleoskeleton and Cytoskeleton) complex in the signalling of alpha/beta catenins during Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition. The PhD experience gave me the opportunity not only to understand the relevance of Interdisciplinarity in Sciences but also to share ideas with people from every kind of cultural background. Now, I am currently working at University of Palermo (Italy) as a post-doctoral fellow on stop codon mutations in cystic fibrosis. I have always been fascinated by studying and understanding scientific phenomena and, as a PhD in Life and Health Sciences, I am really keen on satisfying not only my lust for scientific knowledge, but also spreading this knowledge around my peers. To me, any well-structured biological paper could be a potential source of new ideas to share with the scientific community. I really think that the figure of the Scientific Editor is emblematic for the progression of scientific culture. Especially nowadays where an increasing demand of scientific knowledge is requested, the role of the Scientific Editor acquires a fundamental meaning. In fact, by carefully choosing the right papers with the right answers to scientific questions, the Scientific Editor is at the crossroad of the worldwide scientific communication and dissemination. The Scientific Editor is thus the person who bridges the gap between the experimental works at the bench and the academic lectures.