Editorial Board Member

Prof.Iqbal Munir


Director, Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, the University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan

Specialization: Plant Biotechnology, Enzymology, Plant Breeding.

Address: Peshawar, 25130, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Email: iqmunir@aup.edu.pk

Institutional Profile Link: https://www.aup.edu.pk/director.php?f_id=6


Research Projects:
Molecular and Biochemical characterization of local and exotic Brassica species with regards to nutritional value and bio-diesel production.
Searching potential crop species for biodiesel production under local environment. Incorporating genes encoding enzymes related to lipid metabolism (Acetyl transferase) in oilseed species for quality bio-diesel production. Improving the fatty acid profile of Brassica napus having low level of erucic acid and glucosinolate through Molecular and Biochemical Approaches. CMS mediated Canola hybrid development. Characterizing wheat varieties/genotypes for HMWGS (high Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits).