Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for current and previous readers, authors, reviewers, editors, speakers, delegates, other customers who visits our website and uses the products and services offered by United Research Forum (URF), project partners or associated corporations.

As a company responsible for data, data protection is very important to us. We are guardians of the personal information which we process, and we make sure that we comply with data protection legislation. We give the people whom we process information about ("the registered") information about our data processes and about the rights one has as a registered individual. In this privacy policy, we describe our processing of information about authors.

The information which we process about you may include: Information about speakers, committee who registers for conferences, authors, reviewers, editors who subscribe for the publishing services.

General personal information, including identification information, including name, address, e-mail information that is included in our correspondence with you, portrait photo and CV/bio, if you are a speaker or presenter at an event Information about persons with project partners.

Data you provide to us

We clarify that you are not obligated to provide us personal data beyond the limited data we need for you to register your account or to make payments if you purchase services from us.