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Dr. Mahdi Zarei


Computational Neuroscience, Univ. of California San Francisco, USA.

Specialization: Computational Neuroscience

Address: University of California San Francisco, 3301 N park Dr. Unit 4111, California Zipcode: 95835, USA.

Email: mahdi.zarei@ucsf.edu, Contact: (+1) 4153071515

Institutional Profile Link: https://profiles.ucsf.edu/mahdi.zarei


Mahdi Zarei received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from Tabriz University, in 2002 and a Master's degree in Software Engineering in 2009. During his master's studies, he developed new routing protocols for wireless networks. In 2015 he started his Ph.D. in Information Technology at the Federation University Australia and developed new mathematical models and machine learning algorithms for large-scale brain data analysis. After graduation, he continued his research as a computational neuroscientist in the Su Guo lab at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) from 2015. His research interests focus on the brain's functional connectivity, addiction, neurodegenerative disorders, and mathematical modeling.