Editorial Board Member

Dr.Isa Fonseca


Grower Relations Consultant &
Petroleum Engineering Professor at UNELLEZ Harvest Harmonics Corporation

Specialization: Petroleum Engineering

Address: 611 Druid Rd STE 201, Clearwater, FL 33756, United States

Email: isa@harvestharmonics.com


As a Grower Relations Consultant at Harvest Harmonics, I promote and inform growers and relevant stakeholders about the company’s products and activities that impact grower profit. I develop and maintain relationships with key industry contacts and encourage grower participation at events that improve their engagement with new practices and technologies. I also provide solid investment proposals and business cases that respond to grower challenges.
In addition to my current role, I am a Petroleum Engineering Professor at UNELLEZ, where I teach and research topics related to water quality, wastewater treatment, and reservoir geomechanics. I have completed two Diplomas of Education from IESA and Stanford University, and a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration from UNELLEZ. I have multiple publications and certifications in the fields of water and energy, and I am a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. I am passionate about sustainability, science, and online teaching, and I work for a better future for all.