Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

Any queries about the ethics should be routed to the editorial office at [email protected]

COPE Standards

The standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics are supported by the URF Publishers (COPE) . We adhere to its Best Practice Guidelines and adhere to its Code of Conduct when dealing with potential instances of misconduct. We expect our authors to follow best practises in publication ethics, particularly when it comes to authorship, competing interests, adherence to research ethics guidelines, false or fabricated information, excess publication, plagiarism, manipulated figures, and dual submission.

If we discover convincing evidence of misconduct, we will find a way to address the scientific record, which may include some corrections or withdrawal.

Editors ' Responsibilities

Reviewers ' Responsibilities

Authors ' Responsibilities


Authors of articles published in UR Forum journals retain copyright on their articles under the UR Forum website use conditions and the UR Forum Publishers-General Conditions for Authors, with the exception of any third-party images and other materials added by Athenaeum, which are subject to the copyright of their respective owners. Authors are thus free to disseminate and republish their articles, subject to any requirements of third-party copyright owners and the full citation of the original publication. Visitors may also download and forward articles as long as they comply with the citation requirements. Copying, downloading, forwarding, or otherwise distributing any materials is always subject to any copyright notices displayed. Copyright notices must be prominently displayed and may not be obliterated, deleted, or hidden, in whole or in part.