Reviewer Benefits

Recognition for reviewers

Reviewers are the backbone of the publishing process. Peer review ensures that research is reliable and trustworthy. URF appreciates reviewers for their critical role in the research process and wishes to encourage high standards of review; here are some of the rewards we provide to our reviewers.

APC discounts If they submit an article as a corresponding author within a year of submitting their review, reviewers on our fully open access journals receive a 20% discount on OA charges. For each completed review, a reviewer reward credit will be awarded. We see this as one way to recognise reviewers' contributions to the peer-review process.

Reviewer certificates

URF provides certificates for completed reviews upon request. Please contact the Editorial Office of the journal for which you submitted the review. We will check your review and send you your certificate once it has been verified.

Annual list of reviewers

Once a year, all URF journals' reviewers are publicly listed in our annual list of reviewers, where we thank you for your contribution to the quality of research literature.

Terms and conditions for reviewer rewards