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  • Journal of Integrated Health (JIH) with ISSN:2583-5386 is an online open access, peer-reviewed journal started in 2022.

  • Journal Features
  • Frequency of Publication: Quarterly
  • Language of Publication: English
  • Format of the Publication: Online

  • Aim & Scope 
  • JIH aims to represent and publish research articles of high interest in a multidisciplinary range of healthcare areas delivered by Authors, Clinicians, Researchers, Academic Professors, Doctors, Healthcare Professionals involved in the delivery of integrated health on a quarterly basis. 
  • It publishes Research article, Review article, Editorial, Expert Review, Short Article, Mini Review Article, Letter to the Editor, Case Reports, Conference Proceeding, Meeting Report, Annual Meeting Abstracts, Case Blogs, Commentary, Flow Chart Presentation, Image, Power Point Presentation, Rapid Communication, Short Communication etc.

  • JIH covers the following aspects of the clinical and medical specialties but is not limited to the topics such as medical imaging, clinical trials, clinical pathology, surgery, infectious diseases and treatment, radiology, medical ophthalmology, palliative medicine, oncology, nephrology, emergency medicine and critical care, respiratory disorders, cardiology, endocrinology, diabetes, hepatology, clinical events, rheumatology, dermatology, neurology, immunology, paediatrics, cardiovascular systems, gynecology, medical disorders in pregnancy, haematology, urology, clinical significance and gastroenterology.


Global health and human rights including studies looking at the health of populations in a global context which transcends the perspectives and concerns of individual nations
Health policies, systems and management including studies looking at the impact of health policies, practices and interventions on communities in high- and low and middle-income countries
Health economics and outcomes research including studies applying methods in economic evaluation and outcomes research to promote efficient and equitable allocation of healthcare resources in public health
Infectious disease epidemiology including studies on the epidemiology of infectious diseases and the use of public health interventions for their control
Digital health including studies that address digital (e-health) interventions and their applications in public health
Environmental health including studies on the environmental correlates of health and disease
Occupational health including occupational safety and studies on the occupational correlates of health and disease
Chronic disease epidemiology including studies on the epidemiology of chronic diseases and the use of public health interventions for their control
Dental public health including studies on the prevention and control of oral disease and the promotion of oral health through organized community efforts
Mental health including research that that will transform our collective understanding of this area, from the individual to the community level, and across all sectors
Physical activity and health including studies examining the relationship between physical activity and health
Nutritional health and epidemiology including studies examining dietary or nutritional factors in relation to disease occurrence in populations
Biostatistics and methods including studies looking at statistical models and methods and their application to problems of human health and disease
Public health informatics including studies on the use of information technology in enabling effective monitoring and surveillance, supporting improved decision-making, and improving population health
Health communication including studies examining the use of communication strategies to inform and influence decisions and actions to improve health; this includes the practice of communicating promotional health information, such as in public health campaigns and public health education.
Maternal and child health including studies on all aspects of maternal public health, also going beyond pregnancy and childbirth
Disaster and emergency preparedness and response including studies examining measures taken to prepare for and reduce the effects of disasters
Injury and violence prevention including studies which address the social and behavioral influences on unintentional injuries, such as falls, drowning and motor vehicle crashes and violence such as bullying and child maltreatment
Health behavior and health promotion including studies examining lifestyle choices and health behaviors, from drug, alcohol and cigarette consumption, to perceptions of safe sexual behavior and vaccine uptake, seeking to enable all communities to increase control over their health, and empower them to maintain, attain, or regain good health and prevent disease
Education and training in public health including studies on the education and training of public health professionals as well as research looking at teaching volunteers and the community the skills they need to function effectively in contributing to public health efforts.
Social determinants of health including research related to the social determinants of health, including, but not limited to, the influences and interactions of personal characteristics (sex, age, ethnicity, disability and hereditary factors), social and community networks (family and wider social circles), living and working conditions (work, housing, education), and general socioeconomic, cultural and environmental conditions (taxation, availability of work) on public health and well-being
Epidemiology and Immunology
Nephrology & Internal Medicine
Pediatrics and Neonatal Care
Plastic surgery
Sports Medicine
Health Economics
Women’s Health
Microbiology and Virology
Medical Geneticists
Aviation Medicine

Journal Features:

International peer review research journal that publishes articles on multidisciplinary fields.

Prompt acknowledgement after receiving the article.

Rigorous double blind peer review evaluation.

No charges for article submission.

Rapid publication after the acceptance of article through eminent reviewers and editor.

Publication of manuscripts with the fulfilment of excellence, novelty and originality.

Nominal publication charges.

Greater visibility of your valuable published work.

Best platform for sharing the knowledge globally.

Issue of Publication Certificate to author.

Issue of Editorial Board Member Certificate to EBM member.

Issue of reviewer Certificate to reviewer.

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UR Forum Publishers is a scientifically independent open access publisher whose mission is to publish new research by bridging the gap between research and practise, with the goal of resulting in societal benefits. Our peer-reviewed publications cover a wide range of medical research, healthcare, and other topics. We are dedicated to publishing high-quality research articles that have an impact and are long-lasting, resulting in a better future for future generations.

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We are a committed group of educators and technocrats with extensive industry experience. Our torchbearers are eminent scientists, educators, industrialists, and officials from around the world who serve on the editorial board. Our team is working hard to connect available talent and resources in order to form partnerships that will promote research collaboration. Our common goal is to support research and discoveries that benefit the community and advance technology.

By embracing best practises and technology to deliver unique science books, journals, and series, UR Forum has remained at the forefront of academic publishing. Our entry into the exciting world of online publications and eBooks was a natural and seamless transition. This step is an extension of our vision to publish the best works by outstanding scientists from around the world and make them available to as many people as possible.

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