Editorial Board Member

Dr. Rayhana Rahyab

Topic Editor

Dean of Dentistry faculty of Spinghar Medical University

Specialization: Dentistry

Address: Kabul Province, Afghanistan



An accomplished MD dentist, with 8+ years’ experience in private universities as a lecturer, head of clinical department and Dean of dentistry faculty, I am skilled in variety of areas of general dentistry. Understanding the business side of dental practice, and oral healthcare for individual with special needs and disabilities, since transitioning to academia I enjoy the field of dentistry researches more than ever, my two researches have been published in international journals, i.e. 1)The prevalence risk of malocclusion among Afghan children aged 12-18 years old Kabul 2022 published in Dentistry and oral biology journal in USA, 2) The demographic of lips and oral cavity Cancer 2022, 10 -29 in International USA Journal, I am able to practice dentistry and teach to a new generation in a variety of areas. My abundant interest in researches and studies expands my horizons further, to be able to reach out to population in great need of dentistry health, I enjoy bringing my experience and training to my students and people with special needs, elderly, and vulnerable member of society.