Advantages of Open Access

More Exposure for your work

UR Forum Open access journals do not charge readers for access. As a result, price barriers are reduced or eliminated entirely. Authors can thus reach a larger audience without incurring additional costs. The reach of the articles or materials is greatly expanded because readers can access them regardless of their economic status or geographic location.

Higher Citation Rates

Scientific research shows that publishing in open access results in more citations and impact because of the global visibility without barriers.

Rigorous Peer-Review

You will receive the same high-quality editorial services and support that UR Forum provides to all of their published journals. All articles will undergo the journal’s standard independent peer review process.


Since URF Publishers is an open access organisation, authors can make their articles available to a wider audience without restriction. As a result, authors can increase the reach and impact of their work.

Participation in our international conferences

Authors with published works in our journals are eligible to present their work at relevant conferences or meetings organised by UR Forum on an international level.

Wider collaborations

Authors who publish their work in open access journals will have more opportunities to network with people all over the world due to the openness of the journals, which makes it easier to conduct international research projects in collaboration.