Editorial Board Member

Dr Osman Adiguzel

Topic Editor

Firat University, Turkey

Specialization: Material Sciences

Address: Turkey



Dr. Adiguzel graduated from the Department of Physics, Ankara University, Turkey in 1974 and received Ph.D.- degree from Dicle University, Diyarbakir-Turkey. He has studied at Surrey University, Guildford, UK, as a post-doctoral research scientist in 1986-1987, and studied on shape memory alloys. He worked as a research assistant, 1975-80, at Dicle University and shifted to Firat University, Elazig, Turkey in 1980. He became a professor in 1996, and he has already been working as a professor. He published over 60 papers in international and national journals; He joined over 100 conferences and symposia at the international and national level as a participant, invited speaker, or keynote speaker with contributions of oral or poster. He served as the program chair or conference chair/co-chair in some of these activities. In particular, he joined in the last six years (2014 - 2018) over 60 conferences as Keynote Speaker and Conference Co-Chair organized by different companies. He supervised 5 Ph.D.- theses and 3 M.Sc- theses. Dr. Adiguzel served his directorate of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Firat University, in 1999-2004. He received a certificate awarded to him and his experimental group in recognition of the significant contribution of 2 patterns to the Powder Diffraction File Release 2000. The ICDD (International Centre for Diffraction Data) also appreciates the cooperation of his group and interest in the Powder Diffraction File.