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About us

UR Forum Publishers is a scientifically independent open access publisher whose mission is to publish new research by bridging the gap between research and practise, with the goal of resulting in societal benefits. Our peer-reviewed publications cover a wide range of medical research, healthcare, and other topics. We are dedicated to publishing high-quality research articles that have an impact and are long-lasting, resulting in a better future for future generations. Researchers and academics can use UR forum publishers to disseminate scientific knowledge to a wider audience, gain media attention, and demonstrate professional progress through publication.

The Open Access concept allows for unrestricted access to published content that is not time-limited, as well as the ability to reprint and distribute original content. We publish the work of eminent scientists, young researchers, and academic and industrial professionals. Because our journals adhere to the criteria and principles of the Directory of Open Access Journals, viewing the full text of articles does not require a subscription (DOAJ).

We are a committed group of educators and technocrats with extensive industry experience. Our torchbearers are eminent scientists, educators, industrialists, and officials from around the world who serve on the editorial board. Our team is working hard to connect available talent and resources in order to form partnerships that will promote research collaboration. Our common goal is to support research and discoveries that benefit the community and advance technology.

Our printed (hardcover and softcover) and electronic books, journals, conference proceedings, handbooks, encyclopaedias, edited collections, and series collections are among our publications.

By embracing best practises and technology to deliver unique science books, journals, and series, UR Forum has remained at the forefront of academic publishing. Our entry into the exciting world of online publications and eBooks was a natural and seamless transition. This step is an extension of our vision to publish the best works by outstanding scientists from around the world and make them available to as many people as possible.

In almost every country, UR Forum has representatives, agents, and distributors. They provide review copies upon request, advertise academic journals in specialised catalogues, and exhibit at international trade shows such as the London, US, and international academic book events.

The team values and will continue to develop long-term collaboration with leading and respected authors and experts from around the world, particularly from the academic community. Our mission is to gather and disseminate current scholarly data from around the world in order to increase its utility and impact on the global academic network.

As the UR Forum continues to reach new milestones with new discoveries and advancements, their dedication to serving the global academic community has remained constant since their inception over thirty years ago.

Let us join forces and work together to help the scientific community. We welcome your questions, suggestions, and feedback.