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Why us

United Research Forum is a leading Open Access Publisher and Open Science Platform Over 100,000 outstanding scholars serve on our editorial boards, which lead and peer-review our journals. With over 900 academic areas covered, we are one of the world's largest and most-cited publications. To date, our open-access research articles have received over 1 billion views, downloads, and 1.6 million citations.

We strive to provide the academic community with innovative solutions that improve how science is published, evaluated, and communicated to researchers, innovators, and the general public.

Open Science

The future is open to you, and we are here to help. we believe in open science and unrestricted information access. We've put together a diverse portfolio of open access publishing options for authors and researchers from all disciplines. Almost all of our journals already offer immediate open access, and we are committed to finding a long-term solution to expand this to all of our titles.


We stay grounded in the needs of our communities, collaborating with them to provide the content and solutions they need to make real and sustainable progress.

Adding value to our communities

Many of URF's employees have previously worked as scientists, teachers, or academics. This is why it is natural for us to stay grounded in the needs of our communities and collaborate with them to develop new products, services, and systems on which they can rely and that truly meet their needs.

Our customers

Researchers and health professionals work every day to improve outcomes for communities, patients, and society as a whole. The University of Rochester Forum is committed to quality and innovation in order to provide more value to researchers, research leaders, librarians, funders, healthcare professionals, and educators in an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment.

Researchers and Scientists

We work with academic researchers to help them break new ground with their discoveries. We are honoured to convene and support expert editorial teams, which ensure the quality of research. We supplement and amplify researchers' work and help them keep up with the never-ending flow of information in their and related fields. Furthermore, we offer insights to help with the search for funding, the identification of international, interdisciplinary, and commercial collaborators, and data management to ensure that their work is reproducible. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to the entire research community. Our books, journals, data, and services reach scientists and researchers from all scientific, technical, and medical (STM) disciplines, as well as the humanities and social sciences (HSS), delivering high-quality content to academic, scientific, and corporate institutions.

Teachers and learners

We meet the needs of learners and teachers worldwide through our curriculum, language learning, and higher education divisions, delivering on our commitment to provide the most effective and appropriate educational resources available today. We support teacher professional development and training, and our ELT resources site has a growing community of over 500,000 teachers. Through our e-learning platforms, we assist universities and colleges in providing support to students outside of the classroom.


We assist librarians in their role as connectors of knowledge quality and dissemination in order to advance the mission of their institution. We provide them with options for publishing, showcasing, and openly sharing their collections.

Leaders & funders

We help research leaders and funders understand their own performance and the research landscape, find researchers and cross-sector partners to advance their programmes, find funding, and manage the research enterprise.

Health professionals

We help the medical community by publishing the most recent research in all clinical areas – curating the key advances and data to aid in the development of new drugs and treatments. We also provide specialised training programmes, key publications, and educational platforms to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals throughout their careers. We provide evidence-based tools to help healthcare providers make faster, better decisions at the point of care, resulting in better patient outcomes. We provide content and digital tools to assist them in more efficiently managing their work and providing consistent quality care to patients.

Health educators and students

We work with health educators to help students prepare for successful careers in medicine, nursing, and other health professions by providing world-class content and innovative teaching and learning tools that improve educational outcomes and help students prepare for healthcare practise.

R&D professionals

We provide corporate R&D professionals with information, data, and analytics to help them save time, make better decisions, and innovate at the speed and scale that society expects.