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A unique relationship with a global community:

We assist our members at all stages of their professional lives, providing resources and services both for them and to assist them in inspiring others in the larger community.

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Align your brand with an internationally recognised and respected non-profit organisation

Multi-platform campaigns

Use a unique combination of channels to pinpoint and reach your specialist audience


Target a diverse range of audiences with a wide selection of interests, from a wide range of industries

Global Reach

Build relationships with chemical scientists around the world through our extensive networks


Professional awards & career guidance


Impactful journal, book & database access


An awards programme to recognise success


Funding for travel, outreach & research


An extensive event & conference calendar


Campaigning & outreach opportunities

Working across academia and industry

Supporting and connecting individuals and organisations across the world. 85% of our members are in academia as the UK's professional body worldwide community, we offer you relevant networking opportunities, support you as an individual throughout your career through our services and membership benefits, and support your Organization through our tailored initiatives. More information, as well as ways to get involved, how to become a member, and assistance in managing your membership online, can be found on these pages. Our networks enable members to connect with one another in their local area, through scientific interests, and online.


Many of our members enjoy collaborating with people in their community to support our campaigns and activities. Each local section is run by a committee of volunteers who help direct the annual event schedule. Scientific lectures, public lectures, school activities, and social events are examples of these events. We have International Representatives who act as a point of contact in countries where there aren't enough volunteers to form a committee.

Through interests

Our divisions and interest groups help their communities by holding meetings, conferences, and events, and they can also assist with funding and training, such as travel grants and conference bursaries.

Our divisions & interest groups


Divisions keep our community up to date on major developments in their field, such as funding and training, and they serve as a valuable forum for exchanging information and ideas that feed into our work.

Interest groups

Interest groups are scientific networks that are run by members for the benefit of their community. They host an annual series of events for their members as well as the broader scientific community. Multi-day conferences and workshops, as well as training events, are examples of these events.

Many interest groups have their own set of awards to recognise significant contributions to the field, as well as travel bursaries to assist their members in attending conferences. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with peers in your field. All members are welcome to join our interest groups. We have several scientific communities, each with its own set of active members eager to network and meet others in their field.

Through us

Our other networks connect you with members who have similar career goals to you. This includes those in the early stages of their career, our representatives in academia and industry, students and an online network for teachers.

Connect with Others

Connect with others in your community, online, and through your scientific interests.

URF representatives

We have over 100 members who have volunteered to be our workplace representatives. Contact us for more information if you would like to volunteer as a representative or if you would like to contact any of our representatives in your area, place of work, or field.

Through volunteering

If you want to volunteer, there are many opportunities available through our activities. Member volunteers are essential to the work that we do as an Organization, influencing and laying the groundwork for the networks, outreach activities, and support that we provide.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are a wide range of options available through our activities, and you can choose anything from helping with a one-off event to providing long-term support to a project, or to someone in our community. People volunteer for a variety of reasons, ranging from skill and career development to networking and advocacy, or simply for the sake of having fun.

The value of volunteers

Volunteering is not only a great way to give back to your community; it also helps you stand out professionally, whether you use it to gain experience, develop new skills, or meet people who will help you expand your personal network and advance your career.

1. Introduction

Volunteering is deeply embedded in the URF's culture and is critical to achieving our stated objectives. These Principles recognise the value of volunteers to the UR Forum.

They establish the standards for the volunteer experience, as well as the URF's and volunteers' responsibilities to one another. Every year, thousands of volunteers contribute their time and expertise to our governance and boards, as well as to our accreditation and professional standards; they significantly expand the reach and impact of our charitable activities and are central to our publishing business.

2. About the RSC

We are the professional body for in the United Kingdom, with a global community, and an internationally renowned publisher of high-quality science and knowledge. We bring together our community through scientific conferences, symposia, workshops, and webinars. We assist educators in schools, colleges, universities, and industry.

Our global community consists of hundreds of thousands of scientists, librarians, teachers, students, pupils, and people who enjoy research.

Our mission is to foster and encourage the growth and application of such science through the dissemination of chemical knowledge, as well as to establish, uphold, and advance the standards of qualification, competence, and conduct of those who practise research as a profession.

3. What is volunteering?

Individual volunteers for the URF when they freely give their time to perform a role that has been agreed upon and defined by the organisation. Our volunteers are not compensated, but they should expect reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.

4. Why we involve volunteers

Involving volunteers in our work is central to our history. We are actively looking for volunteers.

Volunteers participate because:

Increase our enthusiasm for research.

Keep us on our toes by challenging us and ensuring our relevance.

Contribute industry-specific expertise, knowledge, and insights to the organisation.

Link us to our local, global, and specialised communities.

Broaden the scope of our activities to include members and the broader community.

5. Our commitment to volunteers

URF is committed to providing a volunteer experience that is:

Inclusive - we are welcoming and flexible, and we offer a variety of roles to recognise different time commitments and motivations of individuals.

Collaborative - volunteers, staff, and trustees work collaboratively to deliver our strategic aims and, in doing so, our chartered objectives.

Supportive - we provide volunteers with appropriate information, training, resources, and assistance to enable them to meet the responsibilities of their role(s).

Positive - we are committed to supporting a meaningful and rewarding experience.

6. What we expect from our volunteers

To meet our community commitments, we expect high standards from all of our supporters, whether they are paid staff or volunteers.

We would like volunteers to:

Act professionally when representing the URF.

Act in a way that does not discriminate or exclude anyone.

Perform volunteer duties to the best of their abilities and work with other volunteers and staff to achieve the URF's strategic goals and objectives.

Explore the different ways you can volunteer with us through your membership


We understand that many members want to support our activities but lack the time or resources to attend specific events. Below are some suggestions for how you can get involved with our campaigns and activities without devoting too much time.

Support us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

We value social media advocates who can help us expand our reach. By sharing our activity, you are spreading the word, inspiring the next generation, and assisting your peers.

Follow us on Twitter, retweet us, or tell us what you're up to.

Like and share our posts on Facebook.

LinkedIn – Share our posts and contribute your own to our group page.

Short term/one off

We understand that many of our members want to support our activities but do not have the time or resources to do so on a long-term basis. The following are some suggestions for how you might get involved in some short, discrete activities that could help you develop new or use your current skills, as well as network with other members.

Outreach engagement opportunities

We are frequently able to offer opportunities to our members to participate in schools and public engagement in their local area, and often within their area of science expertise, through our network of education co-ordinators and outreach funded projects.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the above, or if you'd like to volunteer in general, please contact us by email.

Peer to peer support

Volunteering is an excellent way to help other members advance in their careers while also developing skills that may benefit your own. Here are some ideas for how you might consider getting involved.


Our mentorship programme allows you to give back to others who are starting out in their careers by using your expertise and skills to assist them while also supporting your own professional development.

Volunteer visitor

Our volunteer visitors play an important role in providing local support to individuals. Visit support is subject to local requests, and demand can be unpredictable and fluctuating; however, when we do receive requests for support, we aim to meet the needs as soon as possible, and ensure we have enough trained volunteers in a local area to support this.

Local section and interest group committee

Volunteering on a committee allows you to be involved in organising events for your community and providing networking support.

Academic and Industry representatives

Our workplace representatives support their peers in finding out more about their membership and also coordinating visits from URF staff.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the above or are interested in volunteering generally then please get in touch by completing this form or emailing us.


Our workplace representatives assist their peers in learning more about their membership and in coordinating visits from URF staff.

If you want to learn more about any of the above, or if you want to volunteer in general, please contact us by emailing us.

Division Council

Our divisions represent groups of people with diverse interests in research, education, innovation, and policy. Individual councils are made up of an elected group of passionate and engaged members. They support members of their groups by providing activities such as conference, events and funding opportunities as well as providing the URF with their knowledge and expertise around their broad subtheme of chemistry.

Interest Groups

These are scientific networks that are themed around a specific topic and are each run by a committee of members who have applied to be considered for the committees. They provide activities such as conferences, events, and funding opportunities to members of their groups.

Outreach engagement opportunities

We are frequently able to offer opportunities to our members to participate in schools and public engagement in their local area, and often within their area of science expertise, through our network of education co-ordinators and outreach funded projects.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the above, or if you'd like to volunteer in general, please contact us by email.

Shape URF

Many members volunteer their time to assist us as an Organization in developing our strategy and ensuring that our core activities continue to run smoothly and successfully. These opportunities range from those that you can pursue at the start of your career to those that you can pursue later in your career as you gain experience and can contribute your expertise. Some of these areas are as follows


For example interest groups, local sections, funding committees and science division councils are all run by members who are either elected or put themselves forward to help support the activities.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the above, or if you'd like to volunteer in general, please contact us by email.

Prioritized revisions

Our experts list their suggested revisions in order of importance, allowing you to focus on the most critical issues first.

Actionable recommendations that improve your manuscript

For every problem identified, our experts will recommend corrective action.

Rapid response

Receive in-depth comments on your manuscript within five business days.