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About United Research Forum Publishers

United Research Forum Publishers (URForum Publishers) is a start-up publishing house passionate about working with the global academic community to promote scholarly research to the world. We focus on serving our authors while ensuring a fully robust and objective peer-review process, publishing standards and editorial integrity.

Peer Review

All chapters/Monographs/eBooks are peer-reviewed by independent highly qualified academic editors and reviewers with expertise in a field appropriate for the submission.

Manuscripts/Articles which are previously published in a reputed journal and republished without any modifications as a book chapter (Provided copyright-terms of the journal permit for republication) in our eBook for better reach are directly shortlisted for publication, considering that a thorough peer-review process is already done at the journal.

Book Publishing Process at URForum Publisher

The book concept is first developed by an Internal Book Commissioning Editor (URForum Publishers Staff) and an External Editor, an expert in the relevant field, is assigned for the eBook. The book is now open for submissions. The authors are invited by the Internal Handling Editor to submit a fully drafted manuscript, which will then be automatically subject to a plagiarism check prior to being passed to the External Editor who coordinates the peer review. Once the review has been completed, the External Editor passes on all peer review reports and communicates their recommendation to the Internal Handling Editor, who communicates with the authors of their decision

Publication Charges

We publish print/digital Books, Monographs, and Edited volumes in various fields of Science, Technology, and Medicine. Authors can choose to keep the Book open access to readers or for Sale.

For Open Access Books: USD 300/ Book Chapter

For Non-Open Access Books: USD 100/ Book Chapter

The price includes book production, editorial, and peer-review services, editing, language copyediting, cover design, book promotion, and ISBN assignment.


70% of the revenue from the book sale is shared with the author as royalty. No royalty/honorarium is paid in case of an open-access eBook for the obvious reason that the eBook will be available for free to read.