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Why publish with us

There are many good reasons to publish with the UR Forum Journals:

Ease of submission and author care: either directly to us or alternatively.

Rapid, rigorous and trustworthy peer review - review from experts in your field.

Free deposit of data in Dryad which now covers all of science.

High visibility and impact, including the support of the Society’s media team.

International peer review research journal that publishes articles on multidisciplinary fields.

Prompt acknowledgement after receiving the article.

Rigorous double blind peer review evaluation.

Rapid publication after the acceptance of article through eminent reviewers and editor.

Publication of manuscripts with the fulfilment of excellence, novelty and originality.

Greater visibility of your valuable published work.

Best platform for sharing the knowledge globally.

A commitment to open science.

High-quality publication.

No charges for article submission.

Nominal publication charges.

Open access options - now includes Read and Publish

Through Read & Publish, UR Forum now provides free Open Access publication. As part of our commitment to the broadest possible dissemination of research, we support open access publishing. A Read & Publish agreement is a new way for librarians to buy both content and open access publishing for a single, yearly fee. Researchers from participating institutions no longer have to be concerned about the financial aspects of publishing. When your paper is accepted for publication in one of our journals, your institution will cover all open access fees, allowing you to focus on your research.

Ease of submission and author care

We strive to make the process of submitting a paper to one of our journals as simple and straightforward as possible. We always welcome feedback and, whenever possible, try to act on it. We collaborate with language editing services to provide professional manuscript editing prior to submission.

Rigorous review from experts in your field

Every manuscript is subjected to rigorous and constructive peer review, which is overseen by practising scientists who are world-class experts in their fields. Each of our editorial boards is chaired by a Fellow of the UR Forum community and is composed of distinguished scientists in relevant disciplines. We are actively working to diversify our editorial boards.

Rapid, high-quality publication

Our authors place a premium on timely publication. Following peer review, your submitted article will receive a first decision within 4–5 weeks on average. Furthermore, your paper can be fully cited from the moment it is published online, thanks to our continuous publication model. They also value the retention of copyright, our high production values, and the fact that there is no charge for essential colour.

High visibility and impact

Year after year, our journals receive a high volume of citations and downloads. Published articles are promoted by a specialised press and marketing service. Articles are also promoted on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and WeChat. Throughout the year, we also promote our journals at a number of scientific conferences.


If your article is rejected by one of our journals due to scope or competition for space, the editors may offer you the opportunity to transfer the manuscript and peer review reports to another UR Forum journal. The majority of transfers are to UR Forum Open Science, which considers high-quality, scientifically rigorous original research across all disciplines.

Partnering for a better world

Our mission is to help researchers and health professionals advance through collaboration with the communities we serve – and to contribute to a brighter future for research, health, and people everywhere.

Get involved with us

When you publish, edit, or peer review for a URF journal, you become part of a community that will help you and allow you to share your research with a global audience. As a result, we will be able to maximise the impact, reach, and visibility of your research as a team. Our journals reach out to niche and larger communities of researchers all over the world. They would not be the useful and influential publications that they are without the contributions of expert researchers. All of our journals are managed by dedicated Editors who are active in the communities they serve and are indexed in the world's top scientific indices. We value and trust our international peer reviewers, who help ensure that the research published in URF journals is of the highest quality possible. Everything you need to know about being an Author, Editor, or Reviewer at a URF journal can be found right here.